Friday, April 06, 2007

Mac OS X 10.3 Update Problem, Stuffit Has Slow Launch

When updating some software and I had downloded a few updates to expand and install, expanded and installed most of them. Then I ran apple's software update and it said there was an update for Mac OS X 10.3 to install, I ran that and updated the OS. Then when I rebooted, I began to expand and install another "zip" file archive, when I dropped it on Stuffit Expander, it took forever, I mean FOREVERRRR.

So, off I went to another Mac to do updates, tested my idea that after updating the Mac OS X to 10.3.7, Stuffit took MINUES to launch. So, it's proven that that after updating to OS 10.3.7 that Stuffit Expander is launching extremely slow. Up to five minutes or so on older G4's and eMacs. I tried installing the latest Stuffit update to Stuffit Expander 9.0.1 and the problem continues. Are you guys having this problem? Any Ideas?
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