Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Mac OSX Software Update Errors

>> Hi all,
>> Would appreciate some input re the Software
>> Update option on OSX, basically when I do,
>> or the Mac checks for updates, if it finds
>> any I go ahead and click install, add my user
>> password and wait... it seems to start
>> downloading but then errors saying 'None of
>> the updates could be installed. A networking
>> error has occurred: timed out (1001).

>> Make sure you can connect to the Internet,
>> then try again'.

>> The updates are Quicktime, itunes and a Mac
>> OSX update, I usually ignore the first 2 but
>> it won't even do one at a time. Does anyone
>> know if this is the way the Mac is configured
>> or is it a Firewall/Proxy Server issue?
>> Obviously I can get on the net and am able
>> to download other files without a problem.
>> Getting really annoying this, especially
>> as they are OSX updates that I am
>> trying to install.

RE: Mac OSX Software Update Errors

AFAIK Software Update works thru port 80 (http), so if you can connect to the internet you should be able to use it. I have ftp blocked at the server level and can still update my client machines. Sounds like some sort of permissions problem. Boot from the system CD and repair permissions and repair disk. That should do it. If not, try to download the updates from Apple and install them manually. If still no joy, create a new user with admin priveleges and login as the new user, then try Software update again. If this still doesn't work your system is damaged, and it' re-install time.

Oh, almost forgot! Before doing any of this, try deleting the file com.apple.SoftwareUpdate.plist in Library/Preferences, then try to update..
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